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Independence Day 2019

Whose Flag?

How did the Flag of the United States end up with fifty stars today? It all began with the first Flag of our Country that in 1777 on June 14 had thirteen States represented by thirteen stripes and thirteen stars. As more States were added to our Union, their stars became part of our Flag; the stripes remained the same to remind us of how many States we started with.

When I say we, does that include you, my fellow American? Can any of us today repudiate our beginnings because the people and practice of those times were not perfect? Their flaws are with us still, and so are their ideals.

Our American Flag, the “Stars and Stripes,” represents the hopes and fears, the aspirations and expectations of each Citizen. What is your America like? Are you satisfied with your America? If not, what will you do? Will you work to make it better? America needs you!

Our Flag distills the past and points to the future, a future of your making, and mine. The “Stars and Stripes” belongs to all of us; at each stage, from thirteen stars on to fifty today, it was and is and will be the United States of America.

--Lewis L. Szerecz, COMMANDER (2018-20)
Ooltewah (Tennessee) Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1697


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